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Stuck in the mud with traditional marketing principles? Join the all the recent hype about QR Codes and apply them to your business! The small 2D codes are the newest form of marketing. Utilizing the new technology will allow you to reach new audiences for your brand and help you alter your marketing campaign to become more affective. QR Code technology has endless possibilities and will only continue to make marketing more consumer friendly. 

Yes, you can use commercials and social media to advertise your business, but you must get people to see both before they can be exposed to your brand! That is where QR Codes come in handy. These codes can be placed anywhere and seen by so many more people than a television ad can. The QR codes once scanned can lead ultimately any part of your company site, contact information, or social media account. Not only maximizing the traffic to your website but also exposing consumers to your products and services. The most common businesses using them today include: retail, restaurants, and real estate.

A great way to use QR Code for marketing is to reward your customers for scanning them and taking the time to browse your information. The most common way to reward them is by posting coupons, giveaways, or any other special promotions only to the parts of your site that the QR codes lead to. 

Marketing is only one of the many capabilities of QR codes. There are built for quick responses of information sharing from one party to another. Other places these codes are seen are in schools and the art world. For now they are more used for the creative aspect, but eventually they will be the main source of sharing and receiving information, and the creative side will be in the hands of the creator.