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A businessman turned QR Code Enthusiast. Over the last 6 years I have started and worked my own small wedding business doing Photo Booth rentals and Videography. There is something about being in the wedding business that just makes it a pleasant experience. Everyone always seems to be in good mood, which is a hard quality to find in any office these days. One of my biggest obstacles was always trying to find new ways to obtain more clients and spread the news about my services. This was right around the time when social media was really blowing up. I thought then that that was the future of marketing. Little did I know QR Codes were already in the making and being utilized in Japan. While social media still plays a large role in my marketing, the invention and adaptation of QR codes, I believe is much bigger and is what really holds the future for marketing. Both social media and QR codes give me the ability to interact with my clients and reach out to potential clients. I am able to instantly share any news and updates with them, as well as gain perspective of what they did and did not like, by placing a ratings and reviews section on my social media pages


Originally from New York, I currently live here in Charlotte, NC with my wife (Erin), son (Luke), and our dog (Sophie). Erin works as a successful real estate agent with Century 21 and plays full time mom when she’s home! Luke is in 7th grade, is crazy about soccer, and shares his dad’s interest in modern technology and new gadgets! When it comes to my work and interests, I’m sort of a “nerd” as Luke likes call me J Besides work my other hobbies involve, playing in a co-ed softball league, watching the Carolina Panthers, wine tasting and cooking! My family and I also take a break from technology when we take our summer camping tour, where over the course of a week we travel up the east coast camping out at different locations. Family is extremely important to me. Which is why I have asked them to help me with this site. They help me keep up to date with any of the latest news and updates in technology, as well as provide me with their different opinions about certain topics. I figured the most opinions and varied information I included, it would really benefit the site information and make it a more diverse experience for our visitors.


The site I have created here is mainly directed towards businesses, to show them the many aspects of QR codes and the best ways to incorporate them in day-to-day business operations as well as product/service marketing. Also, I will discuss ways on how to really make you stand out against your competitors using QR codes. My site provides, everything you could possibly need to know about QR codes as well as QR generators and decoders for anyone looking to create their own code. I will keep updates and any news bout the 2D Bar codes as well as their movement across the World.