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DIY Code Printing

Customizing Your Code-

Even thought QRs are the newest form of marketing, the more important thing to remember is that you still need to make the code “your own”. Almost every QR code looks the same to the common eye, because our culture is still not familiar with the new technology. There are a couple things you can do to make your code unique: add color, add an image or logo, and print the code on unordinary marketing tools. Some codes I have seen have been edible toppings to cupcakes, t-shirts, car magnets, and the standard business card. QR codes not only dress these ordinary items up, but they also make them more fascinating to the passerby.

Adding Image or Color:

Depending on the QR generator you choose, color is sometimes an option when creating the initial code. Colors and images are important to consider including because the human eye is immediately attracted to both, rather than a plain black and white code. To add and image or embed image or color into your code, you will need a photo editor, such as the ever so famous Photoshop. I have provided a couple posts here about steps to take when placing image and color into your code:

Online Printing Companies

After your code is downloaded, you can have it printed on merchandise or stationeries online, or you can save the file to a jump drive and bring it to a local image printing company. To speed up the process, here are a couple online printing companies that you can upload your QR code to:

Marketing Your Newly Printed Codes

Once your codes have been printed, you must find a way for them to bee see by the highest possible traffic of people. T-shirts and car decals I like the most because they are wherever you are, and they will instantly grab people’s attention. If printing on business cards, flyers and posters, make sure to place the code in a well-lit and open area where other distractions wont take away attention from the code. Malls, doctor’s offices, grocery stores are all key locations to place your printed code. Adding some kind of motion would also be eye-catching. If you could print your code as a hologram or create a commercial or video with your code in it, each would a creative spin on the traditional posting of QR Codes. All of these options are worth looking into if you are willing to take your business marketing to the next level. No one markets your brand like you do, so take advantage of this new technology and really make it the QR code your own!