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Lost QR Codes

People reading most of the articles on this site, come to this particular one and say FINALLY! Some form of QR Codes that any citizen can use without having to be involved with business or education. QR codes are a great way to keep track of important items. They take no time to create and serve a great purpose when it comes to losing items or tracking down stolen ones.

First, generate QR Codes with personal information such as you name, address, and phone numbers. I would be careful about putting anymore information than that on your code, you do not want certain information to get into the hands of the wrong person. Once you have created your code and downloaded it, next comes printing. When placing QR codes on items that can be lost, it is important to choose a form of applying the code so that it will not accidentally fall off. I suggest stickers or tags that fasten. Print your QR Stickers and put them on your most precious belongings: luggage, pet tags, books, bicycle, or anything that could possibly be lost.

We all know there is a handful of dishonest people in the world, especially when it comes to finding lost expensive items. Even if the finder scans the QR tag on your item, but doesn’t initially return your belonging, you can still know if it was found. For tracking, you can set up options that once you code is scanned, you will be notified via text message or email when and where it was scanned. This can target location and even demographics of the cell phone that scanned your code. Thus making it easier to catch thieves, report stolen items, and most importantly retrieving your lost goods.

My personal favorite it using QR codes to track lost pets. I consider my dog to be just as much a member of the family as I am. So when I adopted her, I immediately had her micro chipped for the worst-case scenario of losing her. While the microchip and placement cost me, it was still worth it. Now for people that may not be able to afford the microchips or just choose not to spend the money, QR codes offer a similar feature for free! That is the best part about these nifty codes, they are free to use and are capable of generating profit for businesses and happiness and security for families.

Further Information On How QR Codes Are Used To Track Lost Items And How To Create And Use Your Own Traceable QR Code: