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Near Field Communications

Near Field Communication (NFC) makes sharing information and making wireless transactions possible between two devices. When sharing information, the two devices must be within close range of each other, hence “Near Field”. For consumers who have their credit card account information stored on their smart phones, Near Field Communication makes mobile payments possible. The near field feature helps eliminate any security concerns that arise with any information sharing technology. It makes identity theft and obtaining virus nearly impossible, since the communication can only occur from centimeters away. NFC makes sharing information with friends, marketing businesses and shopping a much easier and pleasant experience, eliminating the hassles of physical materials such as paper, CDs, IDs, and credit cards. Not to mention Near Field Communications tends to be quicker than using traditional Bluetooth or Wifi connections.

NFC Breakdown: Near Field Communication can be broken down into two different modes:

-Passive Communication Mode- The initiator is the main power source and the target device is able to connect and share information through the initiator established power supply. The target relies mainly on the initiator.

-Active Communication Mode- Both the initiator and target devices act as independent power suppliers and can communicate by generating their own power fields.

Compared to Bluetooth technology, Near Field Communication is much quicker and can transfer more information. The only downside is that Bluetooth can act from a farther distance than NFC. Regardless of the convenience of being able to use Bluetooth at a greater distance, the more distance there is, the more room left for error. The farther away to transfer information, the longer the file sharing is going to take and the bigger the possibility that the information can be downloaded and interpreted incorrectly. Thus making Near Field Communication a more desirable form of sharing information. However, NFC does not have a guaranteed security policy, there is always the possibility of hackers intercepting file sharing. It is just more unlikely for hacking to occur within Near Field Communication compared to Bluetooth.

Paired with QR code, Near Field Communication technology will completely take over the consuming process. I can see the future as paperless and less time consuming. Which is fine with me, because I cannot seem to find enough time in the day as it is. I would not mind taking less time to do the non-important things like paying bills and shopping, and be able to spend the extra time with my family.

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