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QR Code Art

QR Code art can be anything from how you create your code, to how it is presented, or what it is directed to once scanned. Obviously the creativity is within the eyes of the creator and the effect they want to give to their consumers. QR codes can also give works of art more of a meaning.

Adding images and characters to QR codes is mostly used by marketers, as a way to make their code stand out and receive the highest possible amount of scans. A more unique way that QR codes images have been used is in the world of art. I suppose you can say the QR code itself is a work out art, but some artists have taken it to the next level.

QR codes in paintings and other works of art can also give the pieces more of a meaning. They are capable of telling a story about the piece simply by a viewer scanning the code. Maybe the code tells about the artist or about the particular piece, but either make it possible for the viewer to engage with the artwork.

QR codes are an expression of your company, your brand, and yourself. Turning them into art makes the code that much more of your own, and really separates you from the rest. I think we will see a lot more companies decide to turn to the artistic side and brand their QR code. Since QR codes are free to create and use

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