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QR Code Business Cards

QR Codes Taking The Place Of Traditional Business Cards

Business cards can essentially be the face of your company. They have you company brand, logo, and contact information. A lot of consumers are naturally attracted to interesting and unordinary looking business cards. This is because they say something about the company and the people who run it. They are unique and make it very important to stand out among their competitors.

Every business is aware of the importance of having business cards readily available for any potential customers. QR codes implemented on business cards makes the information instant and easily storable. Now not only can your potential customers view details about you company, brand, and products, but can also interact with you!

Advantages To Using QR Codes As Business Cards

As a business owner, I can understand how easy it is too lose business cards and the pain of having to order more. With QR codes the information is stored within the code and can easily be updated within minutes, without having to wait for a new shipment of cards to come in. QR Codes can also store more information than can be put on a traditional size business card. The information once scanned can also be saved on the consumers phone for future reference, much easier and more organized than having a bunch of small business cards. Not to mention this is a good option of staying “green”.

How To Design Your QR Business Card

First find an online QR Code generator where you can simply enter your business information and instantly download it to your computer. Then think unique style and formatting, how will your QR code business card stand out from the rest of your competitors? Carefully placing your QR code so that it receives the highest traffic possible is very important. Storing your contact information and business website within the QR code, declutters your business and appears more attractive to the consumer eye. Once your QR code is downloaded you can print the codes on your business cards. Having a clean and quick form of accessing and contacting your company is going to be extremely satisfying to your customers.