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QR Creator

So you have begun to see these small codes start popping up everywhere and you are probably thinking “Hey! I want one of those!” Well look no further, I will provide you will directions and steps in how to create your own QR Code! These 2D barcodes are changing the way businesses advertise and the way people consume. They are worth becoming familiar with and creating your own. 

What Are QR Codes?

QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes that are easily scanned by smart phone, for the benefit of quick retrieval of information. They are mostly seen in retail stores and restaurants but have certainly made their way elsewhere as well. Their main feature is information sharing in a quick, efficient fashion. QR Codes are a way of cutting out time and money when it comes to advertising or planning an event. With most americans owning smart phones these days, QR codes will quickly implement themselves in our lives over the next couple years, just like social media has. 

Why Create QR Codes?

Whether you own a business, administer a club, class, or party; QR codes allow to share information with your peers instantly and organized. The images are environmental friendly because you can use the small codes as information portals rather than printing out paper with information on it.

Where To Create Codes?

There are many free QR code creators on the Internet, if you are not looking to spend the money on the software. Although the a majority of the creators online do not provide tracking software, they are still free and create legitimate readable codes.

Where To Put Codes?

Once your code is download and printed, you can virtually put it anywhere. Depending on the meaning of your code, which will decipher where you should put it. For a business, QR Codes will get a lot of traffic on business cards, window displays and posters. For Clubs and Universities, codes can be posted on newsletters, stickers, apparel, and flyers. The possibilities are endless for the QR codes seeing as you can store so much information on a code that can be formatted as small as an inch.