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QR Demographics

Demographics are the statistics of the amount of people that scan your code, where they scanned, how and, when. These statistics are pretty much a summary as to if your code is working or not. Out of all the smart phone holders in the United States, the most popular scanners were “young, wealthy males”. While I am not surprised at this conclusion, I still figured females would be more prone to scan codes due to the shopping fever! It is no secret that modern technology usually targets the younger generations. They are typically more likely and willing to absorb new information and techniques, while older generations tend to stick to their more familiar way of going about receiving information. With cell phone and the Internet transforming into the main channels of communications, maybe we will see a drastic change in these demographics over the next couple years.

So why are certain people more likely to scan than others? It all depends on the companies and brands creating the QR codes, where they are placing them and who are they are targeted at. There may be more male specific brand QR codes than there are female brands that have adopted QR codes. Which could be a reason why the male population is the highest volume of traffic scanning most QR codes. I believe we will see a major shift in these demographics within the next couple years, once more companies create their own and display them. Why not save the paper of coupons and just have them virtually sent to customers phones once they scan your code? It also is a good way to keep track of all the special offer coupons during the holidays, instead of keeping a stack of paper ones in your wallet. If more companies thought this way, QR codes would be literally on everything by now. Most businesses believe that changing their marketing strategies will cost money, which is why they are hesitant to switch. However if they did a couple minutes of research, they would quickly realize that QR codes are free!

So QR codes have certainly captured the younger generation, but what about the rest? What are some ways we can engage the older crowd to start scanning? Well first off, most senior citizens choose not to own a cell phone which is a huge barrier to cross when trying to have them adapt to scanning QR codes. Once it become evitable for every American to own cell phone, and more important; a smart phone, then we can proceed to involve different generations in the new technology. Some ways incorporate codes would be to include them into hobbies, music, and interests that are favored by older generations. Some examples could be printing codes in newspapers, magazine and my favorite; on garden and/or national monument tours, etc.

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