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Using QR Codes To Help With Hiring And Finding A Job

We have seen QR codes in many different contexts whether it is marketing or information sharing, but I have yet to see QRs on job applications or resumes. While I am sure they exist and are being used, I cannot help but think of the advantages for both employers and job hunters in this scenario. Both parties get the chance to learn more about each other, qualifications, background, and can even share pictures! This creates even more of a resource for companies, when they can see a video of the applicant in action, before bringing them in for any interview.



From an employer standpoint, filling positions can be much more efficient with the use of QR Codes. Without having to print a whole text ad in a newspaper, you can simply place a qr code with your companies name and a tagline that says “we’re hiring”. The QR code can instantly give any interested job seekers access to the full application, qualifications, job details, or your contact information without having to type anything in. QR codes on job postings can also provide more specific details about the open position and what exactly they are looking for in a future employee. QR codes allow employers to be even more selective in their filling process.

Job Hunter

Scanning QR codes on job posting not only gives job seekers a clear idea about the job duties and requirements but it also can allow them to become more familiar with the company and it’s history, further benefiting the applicant during an interview. A job seeker does not have to wait for a company to post a code, to reap the benefits, why not post one of your own, and give yourself a reason to stand out amongst other applicants. The job market is tough, being unique and showing you are resourceful with newer technology definitely gives you an advantage in the playing field. Start by including a QR code on your resume that connects to your social media pages, a personal blog, or a video resume! You can also put an ad in the classifieds section with a “Hire me” QR code that employers can scan and view all of your qualifications.

QR codes in job searching cannot exactly create job opportunities, but they can certainly help you to the front of the pack. It is a technology worth getting familiar with, seeing as it is not going anywhere and will only continue to grow