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QR Marketing Campaigns

When I was first introduced to QR codes, I instantly started brainstorming all the different ways I could use them to enhance my company marketing. My first instinct was to just stick them all over, every possible place I could think of that had high volumes of people. Well, sure that worked and all, but it cost a lot of my time printing the codes, and then physically sticking them all over. If I had known where my target audience for my company might be (for me it was brides) I could easily just stick the codes there and probably get the most use out of them, knowing they were in places where people who would actually be interested in scanning them.

Aside from using QR codes to just receive higher exposure to your brand, they also can help develop marketing campaigns. When creating a code, depending on the software or site you use to generate it, you can adjust it so you have tracking abilities. QR Code tracking allows you to be able to see who is scanning your code, when, and where they are scanning your code. With these results you can grasp a reality as to whom you should be targeting with your product or service.

With specific demographics, companies can categorize their customers based on loyalty, or which age, race, and gender has scanned the code most. One way companies can really gain a perspective on their scanners is to have each scanner answer 3-5 questions about themselves before they are directed to the QR code destination. Once this information is received, you can alter your marketing campaign. Now decide when and where to place your QR code and who to direct it at. Also create another campaign to the group of “least amount of scanners” and attempt to engage them more in your code and your brand.

What is great about this technology compared to traditional forms of marketing is that it lets the consumer interact with the product and the company. Commercials, magazine and poster ads work well but do not necessarily reward customers like QR codes can. Also if you are looking for ways to have more people follow you on your social media sites, build a QR code for them stick them in places where your target audience spends the most time. QR codes are definitely a technology worth adopting if you are looking for a new approach to marketing and giving back to loyal customers.

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