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QR Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a marketing form that companies have adopted in order to reach a higher volume of people. Not only are my friends and family sending me an obscene amount of messages a day, but now I have begun to receive text messages from stores, concert promoters, and restaurants. Eventually we are going to have a spam list just for our cell phones. The thought of this gives me a bit of a headache, because I can barely keep up with my email and now I have to worry about sorting through garbage on my phone? I certainly hope not!

If you are a business owner reading this and have not adopted Mobile Marketing yet, I highly suggest doing so. I believe within the first couple months to a year you will see a significant difference in the amount of response you receive from customers and also higher traffic to your website, products, and services. Make sure if you are choosing to use mobile marketing that you make a version on your website cell phone compatible. If not, website content can be difficult to read because it is meant for a much larger screen than a cell phone. With mobile marketing comes the constant ability to adapt to the many changes of modern technology. What comes in and out, what works and doesn’t, are all extremely important ideas to stay on top of, if you want your mobile marketing campaign to be successful. The most popular form of mobile marketing right now is QR codes.

As discussed on this site, QR codes are codes that when scanned provide quick responses and information sharing directly to your smart phone. QR codes make mobile marketing a much more significant process, because they are the quickest way to transfer information from company to consumer. QR codes not only help advertising your brand, but they also help track your most loyal scanners and customers so that you can build your marketing campaigns around them better in the future. Even though generating QR codes is free, there are a number of companies that are specifically for designing QR codes along with setting up and executing a QR marketing campaign for each client.

With more than half of Americans spending a majority of their day on their cell phones, there is no other possible better channel for marketing.

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