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QR Payments

So far QR code payments are only made possible by and online banking account known as PayPal. PayPal has made purchasing items over the Internet much easier and now is incorporating itself in QR codes. With smart phones and QR codes, you can store you banking account information into your phone, so instead of carrying a bunch of cards around with you, all you will need is your cell phone. You will be able to go into a store, pick out an item, and instantly scan it's barcode to check out. As for receipts, I am sure there is a way that it can be stored in your phone for a 30 day period. Eventually over time, everything will be able to be purchased using our cell phones. All our credit card and bank account information with be able to be shared simply through scanning a QR code.

Not only can the codes be used for purchasing items but also for paying bills! What a great way to save time and money, not have to buy checks anymore, or taking the time to sit down and pay bills. Bill comes in the mail, open it up, scan the code, paid. For myself, this technology will certainly help me make sure I am not late on my bills. QR code are making it possible to pay my dues instantly instead of having to set time aside to write a check, balance my account, and mail the check,

Although this technology capability seems incredible, there are some disadvantages. For one, any information sharing can be dangerous and has the potential of being stolen or hacked. QR code creators still have yet to hack-proof codes so that people cant hijack codes and steal every single scanner's personal information. Aside from the flaws, QR codes are offering consumers a quick, simple, and paperless way of making purchasing and paying bills.