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QR Code and Social Media Influence

Social Media Influence: A detailed layout of how Social Media has quickly become the may channel of information retreival and communciation for a majority of the worlds population.

Social Media is another channel for communication and networking. The most popular social networking sites are Facebook, Myspace, and twitter. Each site allows people to post and share pictures, status updates, and personal messages. Originally, the main goal of social media was for college students to get to know each other more and interact with different people around campus that shared the same interests. Social media sites quickly became popular with all ages of people for keeping in touch with friends and family all over the world. Then once social media really blew up, business saw it as the perfect marketing opportunity. It was the perfect channel for ways of staying connected to customers and recruiting prospects as well. Social media sites’ formatting has constantly been changing in order to adapt to all the new people using it and all the different ways it is being used. I believe one of the most desirable traits of social media is the fact that it allows people to use it for free. Cell phones and other forms on communications usually cost time and money, which is why people usually grow apart from people they do not interact with everyday. However social media is quick, simple, and free!

Social Media when being used by businesses, allows companies to stay in touch with their loyal customers, as well as attract others. When a business creates a social media pages, they can advertise their pages and encourage people to “follow” them on their social network. Once a person has decided to follow the business, any update that business makes will instantly pop up in the consumers’ home page every time they log in. With the growing popularity of social networking people seem to be constantly logged in and even get text message notifications from their social media account. This is the ideal marketing tool for companies because it can reach people so much easier and quicker than traditional advertising, not to mention, it’s free! There are some options where advertising can cost money on social media sites, but those are if you want ads all over consumer’s homepage. If you are smart about the people you reach out to, and stay on top of updating your page, you will not need the additional costly advertisement options. Other ways companies are using their social media pages is by creating QR codes that led to the company’s networking page, then placing them in stores, malls, and anywhere for the public eye. Now, what these QR codes do is bring your customers to your social media page where you can offer special promotions and coupons, that only social network users and QR code scanners have access to. It is a great way to reward your consumers for visiting both your code and your social network.

The social media and QR code technology not only offer great marketing and profit making for businesses, but they also offer benefits for non-profit organizations and clubs as well. Almost every major news station and television show has adopted the QR codes and social media sites as a way to promote themselves. There is so much potential to really spread the word about a great cause or expose people to different clubs and opportunities, you just have to make sure you have full commitment to keep updating your news and current events for your followers. Continuous updating also keeps your brand or logo in a consumers mind when they are constantly exposed to your updates on their homepage.

Eventually, social media will become our main medium for communicating, and it is well on its way there already. With social media access available instantly on our cell phones, free communication is more popular than ever. It has quickly become somewhat of an addiction that has consumed the world and also brought them closer at the same time. What kind of fate does social media hold for us in the future? It is hard to tell, but I believe we will see it start integrating with even more different technologies than it already does now.