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Real Estate QR’s

The Real Estate market is all about how each agents sells themselves to the public. Marketing is a huge and important aspect for them where they can really enhance their business: Realtors can use QR codes on their For Sale signs, that will lead to further information and pictures of the particular house as well as, to all the other listings by that agent. With Real Estate, in order to see the inside of a house and receive all its history, appointments have to be made. With the QR code technology on For Sales signs, possibly prospects are able to receive all that information instantly through the code and the agent’s web page. Which is another good reason to keep your site up to date!

Realtors that adopt this technology soon will have the advantage of beating some of their top competitors in sales and client satisfaction. It is a tool that can easily conquer the real estate world if used properly. Realtors may also track the number of people who scanned a particular code so that they may see how many people are interested in each house, which may motivate them to change up their marketing and selling strategies in order to close on a deal. Codes can also help homebuyers and sellers gain familiarity with particular agents, which will motivate them to refer to friends or use them for sales or purchases in the future.

I have read some blog posts about how the idea of QR codes in Real estate almost seems taboo, as if it is a ridiculous tool to use in an industry that has a standard way of going about business. A for sale sign goes up in a yard, someone interested stops by picks up a flyer (if any are available) calls the agent to make an appointment, goes and views the house at a set time and maybe decides they do not want it. Why not cut out all that wasted time with a QR code? Post the code on your for sale sign, so that people interested can scan the code, and view videos and all the information right their within seconds on their phone, then maybe they decide they do not like and do not have to worry about wasting time and effort on viewing a house they will not purchase. I understand that people are not amused by all the hype about these new codes, but for people looking to renew and change up their marketing a bit, any new technology like this is golden, even if it only lasts for a couple months. The codes take barely anytime and are free to create and then can literally be printed on anything. They will rake in more money than they will ever cost to make and print. Especially for real estate agents who’s business is on the most populated place of any day….the road!

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