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Bon Appetit!

With QR codes making their way into restaurants, our eating experiences will never be the same. They will literally change the way we eat due to the amount of information they can provide about the restaurant itself, its food and all the nutritional facts. Here are some ways QRs are currently being used in restaurants:

  • Reviews- allows scanners to read customer reviews about the restaurant environment and food. Can ultimately help you determine where you want to go for dinner instead of just picking a restaurant that ends up being not so great, what a waste of money! Displaying customer reviews will also encourage restaurants to improve their reputation in order to increase customer traffic and satisfaction.
  • Cooking Tutorials- Sharing video on how to cook the most popular dishes from that restaurant gives customers the opportunity to re-create their favorite dishes and promote their food. Including cooking tutorials and history of the restaurant within your QR code creates a personal connection between the restaurant and it’s customers. Customers want that “warm home cooking” feel when they are eating at your restaurant instead of the “cold chainy” feel that most large restaurants give off.
  • Nutrition Information- providing nutritional information on dishes has been made mandatory at most chain restaurants across the nation. Due to the obesity in this country people have become highly in tune and aware of what they are consuming. Being able to provide that information through a QR code on your menu allows your customers to make healthy choices.
  • Coupons and Rewards Program- With the way the economy is currently, coupons and reward programs are more popular than ever. Neither are anything new, but incorporating them with QR codes is certainly a new take on reaching more customers. The QR codes allow you to see the demographics of your most loyal customers and how often your code is scanned, which will ultimately help you develop and tweak your marketing tactics. They both also offer rewards to your scanners and encourage them to return to your restaurant more often in the future.
  • Contact Info and Take Out - QR codes that give instant access to a restaurants takeout menu and contact information make placing an order simply and easily accessible. Like I have said before, customer satisfaction is your biggest marketing tool, and being able to allow consumers to place orders and make purchases almost effortlessly is what is going to make them happy.
  • Daily Specials- Most restaurants do not advertise their daily specials until you are actually sitting down at the table and your waiter/waitress is reading them to you. Not to mention there are always a handful of them being read off, making it so much harder to remember what they all were. A great way to promote specials and encourage people to come visit you based on the special offers is including a QR on your restaurant website or on the outside of your restaurant building.
  • Upcoming Events- Holding events weekly at your venue is an ideal way to market your brand and encourage people to come interact within your venue. QR codes can help provide details about the event and when it is so people can make plans around whether or not they choose to come. Holding events at your restaurant not only promotes your food but also provides entertainment for your customers, making the environment that much more satisfying.

Another fun way to include QR codes in your restaurant is to make them edible. This technology is so fascinating because its brand new, that people cannot help but want to be a part of it. They scan things, just to scan them sometimes and utilize the app on their phone. Edible QRs really give customers the opportunity to consume all of your information!

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