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Retail QR Codes

Everyone gets excited about new technology and even more excited when it can save them money! QR codes in retail allows shoppers to have a more satisfying buying experience by letting them explore the products through the use of QR codes. 

The QR codes are meant to provide the consumer with more information on the product before they make their purchase, as well as allow them to make the purchase right from their phone. How satisfying is avoiding long lines on Black Friday and the Holidays? Exactly. 

Some of the ways retailers use QR codes are to prompt new products, offer coupons, compare prices in other stores, and allow direct online shopping. Not only a marketing tool but enhances customer service too! Some QR codes scanners are linked to the store inventory and can actually tell you the quantity, size and color currently in stock of the product scanned. Every time you scan a product it is stored in your phones internal memory and in you QR app history. This allows the QR code app to recommend certain stores and products relating to your scanned history. If a particular style is scanned multiple times by the same consumer, most retails stores offer suggestions or recommendations related to that product.

We have all had those times when we feel indecisive about the quality of a product before making the purchase. QR Codes in retail allow customers to interact with each other online. When scanned, QR Codes bring up the product and it’s customer reviews. Reading positive reviews about a product from a third party is going to increase the likelihood that the customer is going to make the purchase. When in doubt, scan the code and indulge in the second opinions. 

Making the effort to scan a QR code definitely comes with its benefits. Rewarding customers with coupons and special offers every time they scan one of your QR codes, creates a sense of loyalty between them and your brand. Feeling satisfied with your service and their purchase will make them more likely to buy from you in the future and recommend your brand to people they know.

QR codes are not another cheesy one-sided marketing tactic used by stores. The codes are used to benefit both parties and create all around product and service satisfaction.

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