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School QR Codes

The only thing more attractive than being able to creatively market your business using QR code technology is to be able to use it in educating kids. Now QR codes not only target consumers, but educators, students and parents!


OR codes allow students to access teacher information instantly, as well as homework assignments, and surveys. When printed in textbooks, the codes allow students to watch videos relating to the text. By providing students with quick and useful resources, they are more likely to become involved with the material and more successful. Schools can also use the codes to prompt after school activities, clubs, and sports. With the younger generations being so educated in new technology, wherever they are posted in a school, they are sure to be scanned, kids get excited about another reason to use their cell phones.

One of the more creative ways that I have seen how the 2d codes have been used in education, is a scavenger hunt. Having the kids scan the codes at each stop, which goes to a question they must answer in order to get the coordinates to the next location.

Clubs & Sports

For clubs and sport teams, the QR codes can be posted on school websites, or posters/flyers than hang up in the school. The QR codes can be scanned for any new, updates, event promotion, delays, or cancellations that may happen. Advisors of clubs or sport coaches can changed the QR code info quickly of the Internet so that when the kids scan the codes, they get the most up to date information. The QR codes can also be used to vote for club officers and team captain elections

QR Library Codes

Libraries can really benefit from QRs because they are another form of information sharing. They can help people search the library database, or navigate a particular book or section of the library. The reference desk can also include QR codes on physical texts which would then lead to interactive media. Interactive learning is becoming more apparent in schools because it provides students with visuals which making engaging in the content much easier. QR codes are one way to make this technology more accessible for educators and students.

Future of QRs in Schools and Universities

So we have seen what schools and libraries are already doing with the new QR technology, but what are some other possibilities that will surface over the nest couple years? Searching for and checking out books right from your phone would save so many people time and effort. Catering to your consumers is the best marketing tool, because they will likely keep coming back and recommending you to their friends. As for schools, allowing kids to access all their homework, text and resources, simply by scanning a code can cut down on the costs of school supplies. Minimizing use of physical and paper products while replacing them with technology is a great way to give back and save the environment! You can consider yourself tech savvy and environmentally friendly at the same time!

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