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Telling Stories With QR Codes

Without question, QR codes can enhance any shopping or learning process simply because they are interactive. I believe that is the most intriguing part about the 2D codes. They offer options that only websites can compare too, but websites do not nearly get the amount of use that cell phones do. QR code creators have taken a form of media that they know nearly all Americans cannot live without and have implanted their marketing campaigns within the reach of our phones.

Although the marketing side of QR code is amazing, I hope to see QR codes integrate themselves in education a bit more in the future. It is a great way to encourage to be excited about sharing information and learning. With QR codes in museums and on national landmarks, field trips can be more supplemental than ever. They not only can provide more information than a brochure or tour guide, but also can create a whole difference experience. They can provide pictures, timelines, videos, or audio of that particular piece of history. Having interactive media gives you the capability of living within that piece history. QR codes can take you back in time with visuals, sounds, and who knows maybe one day, smells too!

Another unique way that QR codes can be used to tell stories is by placing them on tombstones. What a better way to learn about someone’s life than by being able to scan a code that is directed to their obituary, video, photos, or audio. Losing someone is never easy, but having QR codes with memories stored on them, makes it feel like they never left. QR codes are most advertised towards businesses, but they have sentimental possibilities too. The use and purpose is all within the eyes of the beholder, you can make a QR code for anything you would like to share or that you feel is important.

More Examples Of How QR Codes Are Being Used To Tell Stories: